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RetirementView Software - Learn How to Build Your Own Retirement Picture Quickly & Easily in About 15 Minutes So That You Can Control Your Retirement, Have Peace of Mind, and Not Run Out of Money!
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Why Build Your Own RetirementView...

Why should you bother to try the Retirement View software?  What makes it so special?

  • Super Easy to Use - even if you aren't that good with a computer, all you have to do is "fill in the blanks" on the screen and RetirementView will build you an easy to understand picture of your retirement.  Anyone can do it!
  • Don't Need to Be an Expert - Even if you don't know diddly squat about retirement planning, just put in your numbers and the software will do the rest.  You will see in RED when your investments will start running out.
  • Secure and Private - instead of giving up your privacy online, this software runs on YOUR local computer keeping your data both SECURE and more importantly... PRIVATE!
  • Includes Everything You Need - although the software is simple it does include everything you need like your investments accounts, IRAs, 401ks, Pensions, Social Security, Taxes, investment growth, target retirement income, inflation...
  • Builds a VISUAL Picture - you don't have to look at boring spreadsheets.  Just check out the retirement "picture" that RetirementView makes and you can automatically SEE how your retirement will play out.
  • And So Much More...
Why do people love RetirementView?

"I'm getting great use out of it. I love the program. This really does the job. It's a very good program."  
- Stan Anderson, Glendora, California

- Kim K., Port Saint Lucie, Florida

“I found RetirementView easy to use and the displayed graphics were a real eye-opener. Before using RetirementView, I did not appreciate the affect of inflation. Now I have a better understanding of how the inflation rate, COLAs, investment rate of return and taxes can affect the longevity of my retirement income. ”
- Art Shapiro, California

Here's a 60 Second Video Overview
Why Can't I Just Use Free Internet Calculators?

We invented the first "internet calculator" way back in 1994 so we know all about them.   

Here are just a few reasons why you should NOT use a FREE calculator to do your retirement planning!

  • "Free Calculators" are not private - the websites may be recording your information
  • "Free Calculators" are not secure - you don't know who has access to the data that you are entering
  • "Free Calculators" don't account for your spouse - most don't let you enter your spouse's information in detail
  • "Free Calculators" don't calculate taxes properly - they just don't; they don't take in enough info to do even a decent estimate
  • "Free Calculators" don't calculate RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions)
  • "Free Calculators" don't let you store your info and return later
  • "Free Calculators" don't let you enter detailed items like inheritances, part-time jobs, downsizing your home, severance packages, rental properties/rental income, selling a business, etc.

Now can you see why you should use the Retirement View software to plan your retirement?  

Unless you use a Professionally built tool that is both Private and Secure, then you are really just wasting your time and jeopardizing your future!

Why You Should Get Started!

Time is NOT On Your Side - the longer you wait to run some numbers the HARDER it will be to get the retirement that you want.  Don't delay another day!

48% Have Never Calculated - According to 48% of workers have never tried to calculate how much they need for retirement.  Don't be one of those people headed for retirement disaster!

Waiting is EXPENSIVE - every year you wait to start saving or to do some basic planning is another year of compounding that you will lose.  This translates to THOUSANDS of dollars you will LOSE out of your accounts because you procrastinated.

Don't Run Out of Money - Imagine looking into the future... into a crystal ball.. and you are flat broke and just "living on a fixed income".  To avoid that you need to take action NOW.  Don't procrastinate any longer.  Peace of mind is only a few clicks away!

“Thanks very much. Your software was the lynch pin in helping me decide when I could retire from a financial standpoint. Now that I’ve been retired several years, I’m really looking forward to using it again to help determine our future cash flow. This is a great product! "

- Richard Johns, Phoenix, Arizona

“This is a terrific program! It runs circles around the Quicken Financial Planner I had been using. I can now enter individual investments with individual rates of return and differing tax categories rather than just taxable and deferred tax categories all combined with a single rate of return. The “what ifs” appear to be limited only by the imagination of the user, and the spreadsheets with RMD by year and other information are great. Finally, the displays and operations are so user friendly that my wife has taken an interest in it (she wouldn’t go near QFP). Again, thanks for getting us started. “

- Ray Mattle, Texas

Meet the Company Behind RetirementView...
About Torrid Tech

Torrid Technologies was started in 1993 to provide a software program to employees that were saving in a 401(k) plan.  Today it works for any retirement plan.

The goal was to help people make decisions that affected their retirement like how much should I be saving, how long will that last in retirement and when can I retire?

Today the Mac and Windows versions of RetirementView are used by thousands of people all across America to get clarity about their retirement finances so that they can have peace of mind about when they are retiring and to monitor all of your retirement items to make sure you don't run out of money!

Timothy J. Turner, Founder

As founder of Torrid Technologies since 1993, Tim has designed numerous financial planning software programs including Retirement View for Windows and Mac, WebCalcs(r), WebCalcs(r) for Advisors, as well as numerous custom planning systems.  Thousands of consumers have used Retirement View to quickly and easily build a visual retirement picture that they can instantly make changes to and see how their retirement might play out.

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